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Bambi Lopez for AISD School Board for Place 4 | CornerEcho

Bambi Lopez for AISD School Board for Place 4

Since announcing my campaign to run for School Board Place 4, I have been asked several times, “Why are you running, you are not well known.” My response to that is, “I did not know that we were just trying to win a popularity contest.” If just being well known is a reason to be on the AISD School Board, then that could be a major reason as to why our school district is struggling in multiple areas from academics, to economic decisions, to the burdens that face our school district each day.

As a parent with multiple kids in the AISD school district, I expect and demand transparency between educators and myself when it comes to my kids. I feel that same expectation should be demanded of me to be transparent to the people of Alice, Texas.
My name is Bambi Lopez and I am a 38-year-old woman from Alice, Texas. I grew up here and went to school here. I am married to an amazing man who supports me in everything I do. A man who is an incredible husband and father to my children. I am a mother of six amazing children who are my pride and joy. My children are my world and I believe they can accomplish anything they set their minds to. My children know that I expect them to be honest, respectful, and to try their best in anything they do. They know that I am their mother, and should they ever be treated unjustly, they know I will fight for them at all costs. Trust me when I say I know how hard it is to see your children struggle. I know the feeling as parent, where it seems like you are all alone against the system. I want you to know that you and your children are not alone. Together, WE HAVE A VOICE.

Twelve years ago, I did not have a voice. I struggled to just get by. I did whatever people told me to do. I was always told, “That’s just how it is,” and I accepted that. I was lucky enough to begin to work for a man who expected and demanded more out of me. My work experience through multiple businesses allowed me to obtain knowledge in multiple areas, but also allowed me to believe in myself in every facet of my life. What I learned most from this man was that there is always something that can be done, especially when it comes to standing up for child who needs special accommodations. I learned how WE CAN’T JUST ACCEPT THE SYSTEM.

From my experiences as a parent in AISD and from issues I have dealt with over the years, I know that this is my time to let other parents like me know they are not alone. I am not running for School Board because I am well known or want to become well known. I am a parent who understands the struggles in our district, and I care about the families and children who live with these struggles. Not only caring about their child’s education but also caring about the socioeconomic decisions that affect the families of AISD for years to come. We need transparency between the school district and the public. We can’t just accept things for how they are. We need a voice, WE NEED YOUR VOICE!

I want you to have a voice! Help me in BECOMING YOUR VOICE!

On May 4th, I ask that you take me into consideration when it comes to your vote for School Board Place 4. Anyone and everyone will talk about how they care and talk about “achieving excellence.” Well I’m not someone who believes in just words, I am a person of action. Hold me accountable.

I am running for you. I am running for the parents and families who the system seems to forget about. I am running to not only MAKE A DIFFERENCE, but to BE THE DIFFERENCE. I am running to BE YOUR VOICE!


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