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Welcome,. CornerEcho, the online network designed for your community. At CornerEcho, you con do so much more than just post to a wall. We partner with you to show your message to everyone in your local area. We help you stay informed and bring you closer to those around you.



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Create a new micro site. Upload your business logo. Choose the right category that will allow customers to reach your listing when looking for local businesses in your area


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Complete your profile by ensuring all pieces of information are entered properly, most important, your business address and phone number for your business. You can also upload any promotional deals that may attract the customers to do business with you.


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Proofread all information entered for your business is accurate. Our internal team does periodic review to ensure the integrity of all Micro Sites listed on our website to ensure the quality of our marketplace.

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CornerEcho helps target a local audience that I needed to market for my business. It is exactly what my business was missing ever since I started. I had experienced good and bad times with my business but it’s been a pleasing experience right from the moment I chose CornerEcho as my marketing platform. I highly recommend CornerEcho for any small or growing businesses.

John M.

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CornerEcho allows you to market your products or services to the thousands of consumers online anytime of the day. This is your chance to get in front of them and control what they see.


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Customers are searching for your business online. We provide the tools and target audience you need to capture them.

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