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750 Coyote Trail, Alice, TX, United States

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Start Off This School Year With A Brighter Smile!

We Have Our Zoom Special (50% Off) Going On Untill The End Of This Month!! Also We Just Got These Amazing Whitening Trays “Opalescence Go Whitening” Mint 15%. It’s As Easy As:

1-Brush Teeth Before Whitening
2-Remove From Package
3- Center Tray On Arch
4- Gently Suck Down Or Swallow
5- Remove Outer Tray
6- Suck Down Or Swallow Again
7-Wear For 15-20 Minutes
8-Remove Tray(s) And Brush Your Teeth, Being Careful Not To Swallow The Remaining Gel. 

Each Box Contains 10 Packages. Each Package Has Tray For Top And Bottom.

Call Our Office Today To Make An Appointment For Zoom Or Stop By To Purchase Whitening Trays.

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Date: 01-Aug-17 To 31-Aug-17

Timing: 08:00 am - 17:00 pm

Category : Health/Wellness

750 Coyote Trail, Alice, TX, United States