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1302 South 2nd Street, Floresville, TX, USA


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Many of us suffer from a disconnection between our minds and bodies. Yet we are NOT separate pieces, we are a continuous flow of energy and information. We are psycho-physical beings who get caught living our lives primarily from our intellect. We do things for our bodies but do not know how to access our embodied wisdom. We struggle in truly listening to our body and unlocking the stories within current tensions, tensions we may have held onto our whole life!

Heal and open as the wounds in your emotional body and the limiting beliefs they hold finally receive what they yearn for and need.

You’ll learn the important causes of all illnesses and diseases. You’ll be surprise that you have almost complete control over causes such that you can discontinue, remove and avoid these causes. 

You’ll also learn that sickness and disease are not inevitable and will NOT happen unless caused. You’ll learn a whole NEW prospective on life that immediately liberates your mind, and starts you on your way to a natural health transformation. Learn the specific causes of specific diseases and how, when these causes are stopped or avoided, your body automatically restores itself to vibrant, sickness-free health!

This workshop includes:
-yoga sequence specially designed for healing(very gentle beginners yoga sequence)
-Breathing techniques to aid your healing.
-flowers of Bach therapy.
-Vibrational sound therapy
-guided healing meditation.

holistic understanding of the life-sustaining systems that support wellbeing in your body, mind, and spirit. 

Very complete workshop for your soul,body and mind.

All props provided.
Essential oils
Chai tea. And herbal teas during and after workshop.


Come and join us !



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Event Type : Regular event
Registration Fees : $45

About the Organizer :

Name : The Yoga Center .

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Date: 06-Sep-18 To 06-Sep-18

Timing: 18:00 - 21:00

Category : Health/Wellness

1302 South 2nd Street, Floresville, TX, USA