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Robert Kiyosaki did a terrific job with his book series as well as implementing his philosophy in his own life.

Attend this webinar if you’re thinking about signing up for the Rich Dadd Real Estate workshop.


I participated in an inforation session and then signed up for an entry level real estate class. I was sent a nice package or course material, a thick book giving a basic overview of real estate investing.
And a way to contact my Rich Dadd advisor or coach.


The book is a good introduction for a real estate newbie to get up to spead and learn the basics and vocabulary of real estate.


You can probably get the same information in a better form for free on Bigger Pockets:


I found out that the “Rich Dad Education Student Support Services” turned up to be a 1800-Number with a guy reading a script to me.


I never ended up doing a deal or even get into it.
The book is too dry and entry-level.
The 1800-Number is not helpfu at all.


I recently joined a real estate investor group and started taking action in about 5-6 week after joining. And I was able to participate in a deal after just 3 months with the group.

Why do I think this is a better way?

The the foundation of this real estate invester group is a course program and a software platform that puts every investor on the same page.
When you’re part of the group, you’re not treated like a customer/student who calls the 1800-Number of the company.
But you become part of the team.
The reason why this group worked for me is because they offer more:
– Weekly Study Groups
– Daily Webinars
– Coaching
– Study Groups
– Monthly Real Estate Workshops
– Mastermind Groups

I much prefered watching the webinars over reading the book.
I also made a commitment to show up to the weekly Mastermind group, and I would attribute this as the main reason why I started to take action.
The mastermind group provided a support network of more experienced investors who already had done dozens of deals and own 6-7 properties. I love the ability to talk to these investors directly who are out there doing deals, and doing deals together with them, instead of a customer service rep who has never done a deal.

Also, this program has 2 packages for entry level and advanced and you only have to buy it 1 single time for life-time access. This as opposed to constant up-sells for more courses by Rich Dadd.

If this sounds interesting to you, sign up for this Webinar.

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Date: 14-Oct-19 To 14-Oct-19

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Online Webinar, Elizabeth, NJ, United States