Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Question: What is the purpose of CornerEcho?
Answer: CornerEcho is a local community website that has been built entirely for informative purposes. Local news, business directories, classified, obituaries, and details of community events etc are some of our highlights.

Question: What are “CornerEcho online services”?
Answer: It refers to the online services provided by CornerEcho that include the browsing or accessing of our website as per our terms and conditions.

Question: Who can post on CornerEcho?
Answer: Anyone can post on our website regardless of their sex, creed, or location as far as you do not violate the clause 3 of Terms and Conditions page. However, you must be at least 13 years of age to be eligible for posting.

Question: How reliable is the information provided by CornerEcho?
Answer: We tend to provide all the information and data on an “as-is, as-it” basis. We make all possible efforts to deliver authentic and updated information. For further details, you may check the clause 4 of our Terms and Conditions web page.

Question: Whom can I contact in case of queries, comments or questions?
Answer: If you have any questions about the usage of this website or the terms and conditions, you can find your answers on this FAQ page or you may e-mail us your inquiries or contact us at

Question: What is the CornerEcho login I.D. and why do I need it?
Answer: CornerEcho works by employing a login I.D. system in which you, as a user, must sign up or register to our website in order to avail our services as provided in clause 2 of the Terms page. Moreover, by registering with us you accept the privacy policy of our website.

Question: What can I do with the CornerEcho content without infringing the intellectual property laws?
Answer: You may download or access the website content for your personal non-commercial use. However, business use is strictly prohibited. Refer to clause 2 and 3 of our Terms and Conditions page to know the detailed description of the permitted usage.

Question: What facilities am I granted by CornerEcho if I am a personal user?
Answer: As a personal user you can view, listen, download, upload and access the text, videos, audios, images and data presented on the website, strictly for your non-commercial use. Any further usage of the content for business purposes is firmly prohibited without our written consent as per the clause 4 and 5 of the terms and conditions page.

Question: When do the terms and conditions or the privacy policy of the website expire?
Answer: Our terms and conditions or the privacy policy do not expire. However, they are edited and changed from time to time at our sole discretion. All the laws and rights stated in the terms and conditions policy are valid all the time according to the version of the terms that are applicable at such a time. You may check clause 5 of the terms and conditions page to know more details about the same.

Question: How can I add details for my community event on the website?
Answer: In order to add your community event, you must first sign up for a Login Id. After you have signed into your account, click on the “Submit Event” option under the event section.

Question: How do I create my business listing microsite?
Answer: In order to create your own business listing microsite, you must first sign up for a Login Id. After you have signed into your account, click on the “Business Listing” option under the Business Listing section and follow the instructions.

Question: How can I learn about the various special events and announcements through CornerEcho?
Answer: On our home page, click the events tabs for category listings of events. The event calendar will display events per date.

Question: How can I make a search on your website?
Answer: You can search for local events and latest happenings using the search box available on every page of our site. You can search by, city, state, keyword or hash tag.

Question : How can I add CornerEcho icon on my website?
Answer: If you want to add an icon of CornerEcho on your website then please drop an email at Our support will provide you steps to add CornerEcho icon on your website or will share icon image.

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