The Random Acts of Blindness

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Have you ever caught yourself sight seeing while driving down the highway? How about counting the stars, an marveling at that red dot named Mars. Do you ever sit back and realize how you take your sight for granted to be able to do what seems like such and easy and pleasurable task? Life was once this easy for me, until my life changed in the blink of an eye. I lost my ability to see in October of 2006 shortly after my 18th birthday, since then, I have made several adaptations to my everyday life to continue doing the things I love. Many people deal with vision loss throughout their life, whether it is a minimal loss, gradual, or sudden and total loss, and they don’t know how to cope with the situation. I want to help these people and their families understand that they haven’t hit a brick wall, they just tripped on a hurdle.

I am making this site for anyone who has been affected by the loss of vision. Either directly or indirectly. The struggle is not only felt by the individual, but by the family and friends. The more support you have, the easier the transition is, and if you’re already well adapted, then maybe you can find a tip here or share you’re own.

For the past 9 years I have met several blind or visually impaired people that have been able to teach me their methods they use in their lives, and I in turn have been able to spread their techniques to others and also teach my own. Helping and teaching people has always been a part of my nature, no matter how small the need, it always brings immense joy to me. I want to show that just because we can’t see doesn’t mean we aren’t capable of making a piece of furniture, repair appliances, or grill the best steaks you’ve ever had. Put your mind to it and there is always a way to get something done, with assistance if needed. I am an avid learner and am constantly questioning how something works and will dedicate free time to learning about the question at hand.  Building a website is something I have wanted to learn about, and now is as best a time to learn as ever. At the time of this posting the site as far as I know is extremely basic, but as I learn I will add more content and things to interact with. While that is going on I will explain how I did it so any one who wishes to dive in their own site may do so sighted or not.

Let’s build a community of awareness and ability. If you have questions, suggestions, or an idea for me to explore, please feel free to comment or contact me with your inquiry. Remember, we may have lost our sight, but not our VISION.

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