Frequently Asked Questions

We hear you! There are some things common, quick questions that many have. Please read these and we hope it helps!

What is the purpose of CornerEcho?

We’re here to connect the community.

Developed for and designed by folks who live in a small town, CornerEcho has two primary objectives:

• To provide small-town businesses with the tools and resources they need to connect with their customers.
• To connect small-town residents with nearby businesses and services, community news and activities, and other relevant content they would otherwise have to look for in a number of different locations.

How does CornerEcho work?

CornerEcho is an open forum for those living in select towns or communities. It’s the modern-day town square. As our world transitions from print to digital, we fill the gap for small businesses empowering them to publish and market to a targeted local audience. Your business can have a dynamic presence in the digital world—and CornerEcho is an effective branding tool. Think of our Business Directory as a platform to speak directly to your customers.

At the same time, we hope to provide people with an online resource whenever they need help. CornerEcho provides:

• Robust search that provides relevant information from community businesses, not distant retailers who paid the most to appear at the top of the list.
• Relevant promotions, offers, services, and specials based on their interests.
• Fair and accurate review tools that are a true reflection of a business’s goods and services and provide their customers, guests, patients, and clients with the venue to share their opinions
• Calendars that provide an overview of everything their town has to offer.

Think of CornerEcho as the yellow pages meets the trading post meets the community newsletter. All under one roof.

What else can you do on CornerEcho?

Our Community Events section showcases events in your community and surrounding areas posted by businesses, individuals, and organizations. It’s a way of helping you stay engaged with your community. It’s where people go to find out what’s new and what they can do.

You can search CornerEcho by city and state or by calendar date to find events in your community. You can also search by keywords and hashtags. Use CornerEcho’s Classifieds to buy, sell or trade items.

And our Obituaries section gives you current information provided by individuals or funeral homes from your community or surrounding areas.

How reliable is the information provided by CornerEcho?

We generally provide information and data on an “as-is, as-it” basis. We make all possible efforts to deliver authentic and updated information.

How do I use CornerEcho?

On CornerEcho, everyone’s free to contribute to, browse, and share our content; to give you access to the latest information in your community.

Type the name or the type of business or service in the “what” box and enter the location in the “where” box to search for the information you’re looking for. To contribute content to CornerEcho you must register for an account. A few quick steps and you’re on your way to becoming a voice for your community. Anyone 13 years of age and older can post on our website regardless of sex, creed, or location.

Get involved with your community and reach your local audience.

How can I add my community event to the website?

First, you must register for an account, if not already registered. Then, in the account settings, you will find a dashboard and access to add an event in the easy-to-fill-in format.

Can I post content, videos, or events on your site? Do I have to pay for this?

No, you do not need to pay to post content, videos, or events. You just need to sign up and create an account. Then you can upload or post content, videos, and your community event details.

How do I create a business listing?

To create your business listing, first register for an account. Next, follow the simple steps and fill in the necessary information about your business. Your business listing will require approval. Once approved, under the account settings you will find a dashboard with access to the features included in your subscription plan. This may include display website, social media, instant social share button, business contact information, prominently displayed business hours, upload videos and images, scheduling of appointments, reservations, menus, announcements, unlimited promotion of your deals/coupons and discounts, and schedule promotion start/stop times, coupon codes.

Let’s find a plan that’s right for your business and it’s needs.

In short, we want to provide small-town businesses with access to the same marketing tools as their counterparts in larger communities, but at a fraction of the cost. CornerEcho can help brand your business and help you to gain direct access to members of your community. You are the heartbeat of our communities, let’s’ build a stronger network of SHOP LOCAL!

What if my business is already listed on the site, how do I claim it?

First, you must register for an account, if you’re not already registered. Click on the “claim listing” link and fill out the basic information about your business and submit it for approval. Once your account is approved/denied you will receive an email notifying you of the status.

When do the Terms and Conditions or the Privacy Policy expire?

Our Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy do not expire. However, they are edited and changed from time to time at our discretion. All the laws and rights stated in the Terms and Conditions policy are valid all the time according to the version of the terms that are applicable at such a time. You may check clause 5 of the Terms and Conditions.

Why CornerEcho?

We’ve spent a lot of time visiting and using other sites aimed at small towns. The one thing that stands out is how none of them feel like they’re actually a part of the small town. They feel like they’re directories based in some other part of the country (like Silicon Valley) with pages dedicated to the small towns. We want to create an experience that feels human and real; like it originated in your town and belongs to you. So our doors are always open. If there’s something you’d like to see on CornerEcho let us know.

This site is for you.